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Start or Link YOUR Circle

Welcome to! We’re so excited for you to dive in.


There is no fee or obligation for joining the GiveTogether network – it is our desire to assist you in beginning your own giving circle, to mentor you through the process, answer questions and allow you to share and receive ideas and inspirations from others doing the same!


By registering with us, you will receive everything you need to start your own circle and guidance on how to begin meeting the needs of those you care about. We will send you a starter kit that walks you through the process, as well as tools to help you engage, enlighten and evolve into the vision you create.


Each group operates autonomously and is led by a Group Facilitator. We are just here to support you. We can show you how to nurture rich discussions within your group and grow together in expanding your wisdom and reach.


Even if your circle doesn’t happen right away, discovering the world of giving circles could very well encourage your own form of community engagement. Our goal is for you to start a rich, thought provoking conversation with those around you on giving and community involvement that might just stay with you for a long time to come. We encourage you to register with us to receive our newsletters to stay inspired by our network of giving circles until the time is right for you to start or join your own circle.

"Thank you for your recent donation in support of the 'I Have a Dream' Foundation, Southern Nevada! Your commitment to making the DREAMS of disadvantaged youth come true is sincerely appreciated by our Board Members, staff, and especially, the children we serve."

- Lindsay H.


Register today to receive our GiveTogether Starter Kit, which contains everything you will need to plan and organize your own giving circle, including a step-by-step process and coaching advice. Even if you are not quite ready to begin, you will receive our newsletter with stories of what other people just like you are doing around the country to make others’ lives better, tools and advice.

Link YOUR Circle

Now that you have completed the process of establishing your giving circle, or if you have an existing circle, become an official chartered member of GiveTogether. There is no fee or obligation – it just a way for all of us to link together!


There are several benefits to becoming a charter member, including:

  • Your circle will get its own page on our website

  • You will receive continued mentorship as your circle matures and grows

  • We will continue to send you resources that will help guide you along the way

  • In the future, we will be holding member-only events where our circles can get together and share creative ideas and hear from inspirational speakers


Simply click the link below to link your circle to the network and receive your GiveTogether Charter.

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